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Rebranding Myself

You’re looking at my latest project! Welcome to my new website. As I move away from individual person-centered planning and begin launching and building my new initiatives, it made sense to move my brand from http://www.personcenteredplanning.com to my name. Not many people like their name, but I love mine. I legally changed my middle name to my maiden name, Ryan, when I got married. This way I can represent both my Irish heritage and my husband, who is Chinese Filipino. We’ve been married over 30 years and neither of us is complete without the other, so Cheryl Ryan Chan it is. There is not a single person with the same name as mine!

TimeBank – Help Wanted!

This is the next step in the Community Builders intiative. I’ve signed up officially to start creating our own TimeBank. There are a few folks who have been waiting in the wings to get this started, but if anyone would like to join us please contact me. I’m looking for people willing to input data, test, and participate in meetings as we move along and get it up and running. Will require about a 3-4 month commitment of a couple hours per week.

The Natalie Project

I’m now on the Advisory Board for this important project, which intends to bring awareness and action to the cause of sexual assault of people with disabilities.  My role is to bring the experience I had with Nicky’s Law to inform the registry that is part of the project.

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